What is an Effective Teacher?

11 Apr

I love the writings of Harry and Rosemary Wong and this post sums up their philosophy pretty well.

Need to Know Always

Harry and Rosemary Wong wrote a book titled “The First Days of School: How to be an Effective Teacher”. Here is a brief rundown of what makes an effective teacher:

  • impacts lives
  • establishes good control
  • continually acquires knowledge/skills
  • produces results
  • designs lessons for student mastery
  • exhibits positive expectations
  • begs, borrows, and steals ideas
  • works cooperatively and learns from colleagues
  • seeks out a role model
  • goes to professional meetings to learn
  • has goal of striving for excellence
  • is an adept critical thinker and competent problem solver
  • understands research process; uses research-based teaching practices
  • teaches and shows students that school is a place to gain knowledge, give and receive love, become successful; school is a concept, not a place
  • helps organize a First Day of School celebration
  • is dressed for success
  • is a role model for students
  • thinks and acts globally
  • has an inviting personality (works at being intentionally inviting)
  • addresses people…

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3 responses to “What is an Effective Teacher?

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